Friday, February 06, 2004

Everyone is Born Atheist

  1. Atheism simply means the absence of belief in any gods. Obviously, a baby cannot be born believing in god anymore than he can be born believing in Santa Claus. Clearly, all people are born atheist.

  2. Being atheist says nothing about a person other than the person does not believe in the existence of any gods. Being atheist does not indicate whether a person believes in free enterprise or socialism. It does not indicate whether a person is moral and ethical or not.

    It is highly probable, however, that an atheist in America has much higher standards of morality and ethics than a religious person because in America, religion is so pervasive throughout society that a person has to commit some serious mental effort to escape the brainwashing. A person putting that much effort into thinking is likely to have objective, rational morals and ethics much greater than any religious wacko who unthinkingly goes along with the majority.

    I don't know if law enforcement maintains statistics on the religion of criminals but I predict very few murderers are atheist. Let's suppose the population is 10% atheist. I predict that much less than 10% of murderers are atheist. Whatever the true percent may be, it's likely that the relative percentage of atheist murderers in prison is much lower.

    It is not mere coincidence that the mafia has its origin in the same country as Jesus and Catholicism. Any religion that teaches a person he can commit any kind of crime and then simply go to confession and have it forgiven and washed out of his conscience is really inviting the deterioration of society.


At 4/27/2005 06:46:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. David,

I fully agree with you. Primary objective of Religion is to Barin-wash the human race for selfish motives of a crooked few. Religion makes Zombie out of living person. There is a saying that, "All Islamists are Not Terrorists, but ALL(almost) Terrorists are Islamists." Islamists are living Zombies.



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