Saturday, March 27, 2004

"Creator" in the Declaration of Independence is Reality, Not God

Some people think the word "Creator" in the Declaration of Independence refers to god. I do not. We are created by nature, i.e., reality.

Why didn't the founding fathers of our country simply say god if they meant god? Instead, they chose concrete words that are forever true here in the reality in which we live rather than lowering this important document into the mythological dungeon of mysticism. The founding fathers chose reality over superstition.

As an atheist, I believe we ARE endowed by our creator with unalienable rights and the creator of humanity is reality, also known as the natural universe.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Physical Castration for Violent Criminals

Here's a simple, inexpensive solution to decrease violent crime, prison overcrowding, rape, pedophilia, predatory catholic priests and the spread of sexually transmitted disease: physical castration on the second conviction for any violent crime.

Denmark has experience with this.   The recidivism rate of castrated rapists drops to less than one percent.   see:

Some communities in America perform court-ordered chemical castration of violent convicts. Chemical castration is ridiculous - as soon as the convict stops taking the hormone shots, he's back to his old self. In addition, chemical castration is much more expensive for the government to administer and far less reliable. But, the real point is - if chemical castration is okay, why not physical castration?

One possible way to introduce physical castration is to offer early probation for convicts that agree to be castrated. This way, it's not forced on anyone and we can begin to collect data on the results. Interviews with castrated convicts might even reveal they are much happier in life after castration.

The bottom line is, physical castration will solve a lot of our crime problems and our sexually transmitted disease problems and I truly believe the violent offenders themselves will be much happier for the rest of their lives once their testicles are removed and no longer pumping aggressive testosterone into their bloodstream. And as a side benefit, they'll cure their hair loss and they won't be fathering new hereditary criminals.