Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Well Written Article by Conservative Slamming Bush

Just discovered this well-written artiticle:

Doug McIntyre, conservative commentator, slams the Bush presidency.

Here are some notable quotes:

We’re not in the “waning days of the insurgency.” We’re about to slink home with our tail between our legs, leaving civil war in Iraq and a nuclear-armed Iran in our wake. And Bin Laden is still making tapes. It’s unspeakable. The liberal media didn’t create this reality, bad policy did.

Cutting taxes while increasing spending:
He cut taxes and I like tax cuts. But tax cuts combined with reckless spending and borrowing is criminal mismanagement of the public’s money. We’re drunk at the mall with our great grandchildren’s credit cards. We traded tax and spend Liberals for borrow and spend Conservatives.



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