Sunday, November 05, 2006

How Should We Deal With Iraq Right Now?

PREMISE: Iraq is already lost and staying the course in Iraq is as sensible as staying the course in Vietnam from 1968 to 1973. In other words, it will accomplish nothing good. Staying the course actually makes us less safe from terrorists because it is a training ground for terrorists and because our presence in Iraq infuriates the muslim world thereby generating more terrorists!


The obvious solution to really fix Iraq and deliver democracy to the middle east is to partition Iraq into three countries, Kurdish, Sunni and Shiite and impose on each of them a secular constitution similar to America's. We should NOT let them choose their own constitutions because they would choose islamic constitutions. We should give them a proper secular constitution with a written provision that allows them to write their own constitution 15 years down the road. Religious superstition is like cancer, having invaded the body politic it must be deliberately and forcefully removed. Allowing Iraq to write its own constitution was a fatal flaw in the Bush regime's approach to Iraq.

The population at large, after all the religious bloodshed they've seen recently, might now recognize the wisdom of secular government. The religious murderers and death squads in Iraq might have taught a lesson to the majority of the moderate Iraqi population and they just might embrace and defend a secular constitution.

The founding fathers of America recognized the wisdom of secular government, making America the first secular government in the world and that, dear friends, is why America has the oldest continuously operating constitution in the world even though America is one of the youngest countries in the world!


The big fear in withdrawing from Iraq is that Al Qaeda will take over and make Iraq a base of operations supported by oil revenues. The solution is simple - move our troops to Afghanistan before it's too late and while we still have a chance of accomplishing something good in Afghanistan. In the meantime, tell Iraq and the world we reserve the right to kill any Al Qaeda operatives in Iraq and we reserve the right to kill Moqtada Al Sadr. We can let the civil war proceed and let the wackos in Iraq simmer and stew in their own mess and simply pick off from a distance any Al Qaeda leaders that pop up.

This is what Israel is doing with Gaza - sitting back out of harm's way picking off the leaders of the enemy. It's the most cost effective way of keeping the enemy down and controlled.


Plan A is the right choice but plan B is the easy choice. Both plans are better than the current counter productive debacle that makes us less safe and makes the whole world hate us.

Plan B is not pretty. We created the mess in Iraq by invading and it's unfair to the ordinary citizens of Iraq to foment a civil war and then just leave them to struggle for survival. But what George Bush did is done. At least plan B would accomplish something with minimal waste of America's resources whereas staying the course will accomplish nothing while wasting billions upon billions of dollars and thousands of lives not to mention actually making us LESS safe from terrorism.


I just heard Jim Webb, senator-elect, say his plan is to have the countries next to Iraq assume responsibility and control for Iraq. What an empty and stupid idea! Most of the countries next to Iraq are wacko muslim countries, specifically Iran. Would giving Iraq to Iran really be that much better than just handing it over to Al Qaeda?

We also hear the Bush regime talking about giving up on democracy in Iraq and supporting the idea of an Iraqi strongman instead. Isn't that exactly what Saddam Hussein was??? This is exactly why the whole Iraq war is such a debacle! We've come full circle to learn that we were better off with Saddam Hussein in power!


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