Friday, September 08, 2006

Why Has America Not Been Attacked in 5 Years?

For the same reason America was not attacked during the eight and a half year time span between the first world trade center bombing on February 26, 1993 and the second on September 1, 2001.

It's certainly not because the Clinton Administration kept us safe during that eight and a half year time span. And this recent 5 years without an attack is NOT because of the Bush regime and its assault on democracy and civil liberties.

Do you really think the religious fanatics would not have done something if they had the capability to inflict harm on lots of Americans? Do you really think they would not have blown up a suitcase atomic bomb in Israel if they had such a device and the capability to deliver it?

The answer is simply that the religious terrorists are impotent and weak and stupid.

It's very easy to kill and destroy and steal. That's why criminals choose a life of crime - it's easier for human parasites to steal the fruits of someone else's labor than to labor themselves. Killing and destroying is easy yet the religious terrorists are only capable of a few significant acts per decade. Obviously, they simply aren't very capable. It's lucky for us they are so stupid and impotent.

Think about it - the most significant act of terrorism to date simply involved 19 men taking over 4 small confined spaces using knives. Is that some big monolithic achievement? Hardly. The only thing that even lends significance to the event is the fact that some beautiful buildings collapsed and 3,000 Americans died because of the buildings.

So, why is there so much terrorism in Iraq right now? Because the entire country is filled with religious fanatics! Duh! If the entire country were filled with cannibals there would be a lot of human flesh eating going on. If the entire country were filled with assassins the killings would be quieter and more effective. But if Iraq was filled with atheists instead of religious fanatics it would be a beautiful, peaceful country on the leading edge of science with a rich history and a thriving tourist industry.

Religious superstition destroys and corrupts!


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