Thursday, September 28, 2006

Who is going to protect us from our president?

Apparently, the Bush regime is going to succed in eviscerating the American Constitution with the new torture bill making its way through congress.

I heard some speeches from congressmen saying, "these people are not soldiers wearing a uniform and fighting for a country, they are terrorists and it's our job to protect the American people from terrorists!"

What I want to know is this - who is going to protect us from our president and our government?

Emotional babbling about terrorists is irrelevant. Considering the amount of unchecked power this bill will concentrate in the presidency, it's our own president we should be worried about, not a few terrorists. This bill that is about to pass pretty much gives the president the power to declare ANY non-citizen an enemy combatant, lock them up for eternity without trial AND eliminates the right of the accused to challenge his imprisonment and torture in court.

This doesn't even sound like it's happening in America, does it?

Imagine someone, a non-citizen, married to an American and having lived in America for 30 years donates money to a charity. If the president decides that charity is connected to terrorists, the person who donated can be taken away in the middle of the night and never heard from again. And you know that once the religious fanatics have the power they've been seeking, pretty soon internet porn and abortion and anything the fanatics don't like will be somehow connected to terrorism.

Where is this going?

This is way too much power concentrated in the presidency. What's to keep the president from abusing this power? History has shown that too much power in the hands of one person will nearly always be abused. King George of England had too much power over the American colonies and that's why we had the American Revolution.

Is Bush trying to protect America or destroy it?

This is getting serious. This is a giant leap towards destroying America. Once our president gets too much power, starts abusing the power and turns us into a totalitarian police state, the only way back to freedom and the American way will be through revolution - once again.

Gee - I hope the unAmerican Bush doesn't interpret that last sentence as a terrorist remark and send the goons to grab me in the middle of the night to spend the rest of my life getting tortured in a secret dungeon. Perhaps after this torture bill passes I better delete this blog and stop saying anything negative about the president.


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