Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Torture is Like Police Brutality - The Authorities Become the Bad Guys

Who would have ever thought we would see the day in America when an idiot president is pleading with America to give him the right to torture?

Only a low-forehead, retarded fool could believe wide-scale torture is in America's best interest.

Bush says that if we allow him to torture we will be safer. But who's going to respect a country that tortures? And if nobody has respect for America, is anybody going to care if we're attacked again? If we throw America into the moral cess pool, will the islamic religious fanatics gain respect for us and be less likely to attack us?

If we allowed the police to torture suspects, would it reduce crime? NO! Just like in the movies, when a state becomes authoritarian and the police use brutal force, people begin to side with the criminals. If we gave the police the right to torture suspects, then anybody opposing the police would be seen as the heroes.

There is nothing more dangerous, sinister and un-American than a regime that tortures.


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