Saturday, September 16, 2006

Let Bush Torture or he will Stop Interrogating Terrorists

The clown in the white house actually had the nerve to tell Congress and the public to give him the legal right to torture suspected terrorists or else he would stop all interrogations!

Think about what he is saying. He is threatening to stop doing his job if he is not allowed to torture the way he wants to torture. He is saying, "you let me torture suspected terrorists the way I want or else I won't try to stop the terrorists from coming after you."

This is like a high school football quarterback telling the coach, "you let me have complete control or else I'll start throwing interceptions and let the other team win."

Anybody who threatens to sabotage their own job should be fired! Threatening to stop interrogating suspected terrorists should be an impeachable offense!

Nobody is telling the Bush regime it's not allowed to interrogate prisoners. But the Supreme Court and we the public ARE telling Bush he must do so legally and ethically and without torture. And we are telling him to stop dragging the already declining image of America through the mud!

Bush is trying to make the case that intelligence interrogators can't interrogate without legislation clarifying how much they can torture. What a load of BS. This is nonsense on the very face of it. Simply stop doing ANYTHING that might be construed as torture and there won't be any risk of legal sanctions. It's as simple as that. If you think waterboarding is borderline, then don't do it. America needs to return to the moral high ground and stop allowing the Bush regime to corrupt and destroy traditional American values.

Would you rather have it known that your country has brutal tactics and tortures prisoners, some of whom happen to be innocent, or would you rather have it known that your country treats all humans decently and never tortures anyone?

Perhaps if America had a world-wide reputation for treating all prisoners decently, some of the enemies would be less likely to fight to the death to avoid capture. If we treated prisoners decently we would probably get a whole lot more information out of them. Most of the middle eastern countries are known for brutally torturing prisoners. Lowering American values to their level is not doing any good for our cause. It's hurting our image and helping to create more terrorists and we need to stop this now.


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