Saturday, September 30, 2006

Draft-Dodging President is calling the Democratic Party "Cut and Run"???

President Bush and Karl Rove have labelled the Democratic Party "the party of cut and run."

Why is no one calling attention to the irony of a draft-dodging president labeling ANYONE as a war avoider??? This is so weird and ridiculous it belongs in a David Lynch movie.

For those of you who don't know, little Georgie W. Bush during the Vietnam War had his father get him a cushy position in the "champagne corps" - a velvety national guard assignment nicknamed the "champagne corps" because of all the powerful rich kids using that avenue to avoid the Vietnam draft.

By itself, that's not a big deal. Lots of powerful rich kids avoided the draft that way. The really big deal is that little Georgie failed to complete his national guard committment of 6 years because he decided to skip out and get into politics. He basically went AWOL. But due to his father's clout he was able to get away with it rather than going to jail like an ordinary soldier. Plus, as governor of Texas, little Georgie ordered all records of his national guard service destroyed. A coverup in essence.

Does little Georgie deny this? Does he say he completed his national guard service? No. He doesn't deny it because that would be a direct lie which might get uncovered some day if anyone finds evidence that Georgie failed to destroy. What he does say is that he "was honorably discharged." I saw Bill O'Reilly interviewing little Georgie on TV and directly ask him about the controversy. Little Georgie didn't have much to say. He simply said, "I was honorably discharged." Well duh! Charles Manson could be honorably discharged from prison if he had the same parents as little Georgie.

We should all mock little Georgie the draft dodger next time he has the nerve to refer to the Democratic party as the party of "cut and run".


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