Saturday, September 30, 2006

Draft-Dodging President is calling the Democratic Party "Cut and Run"???

President Bush and Karl Rove have labelled the Democratic Party "the party of cut and run."

Why is no one calling attention to the irony of a draft-dodging president labeling ANYONE as a war avoider??? This is so weird and ridiculous it belongs in a David Lynch movie.

For those of you who don't know, little Georgie W. Bush during the Vietnam War had his father get him a cushy position in the "champagne corps" - a velvety national guard assignment nicknamed the "champagne corps" because of all the powerful rich kids using that avenue to avoid the Vietnam draft.

By itself, that's not a big deal. Lots of powerful rich kids avoided the draft that way. The really big deal is that little Georgie failed to complete his national guard committment of 6 years because he decided to skip out and get into politics. He basically went AWOL. But due to his father's clout he was able to get away with it rather than going to jail like an ordinary soldier. Plus, as governor of Texas, little Georgie ordered all records of his national guard service destroyed. A coverup in essence.

Does little Georgie deny this? Does he say he completed his national guard service? No. He doesn't deny it because that would be a direct lie which might get uncovered some day if anyone finds evidence that Georgie failed to destroy. What he does say is that he "was honorably discharged." I saw Bill O'Reilly interviewing little Georgie on TV and directly ask him about the controversy. Little Georgie didn't have much to say. He simply said, "I was honorably discharged." Well duh! Charles Manson could be honorably discharged from prison if he had the same parents as little Georgie.

We should all mock little Georgie the draft dodger next time he has the nerve to refer to the Democratic party as the party of "cut and run".

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Who is going to protect us from our president?

Apparently, the Bush regime is going to succed in eviscerating the American Constitution with the new torture bill making its way through congress.

I heard some speeches from congressmen saying, "these people are not soldiers wearing a uniform and fighting for a country, they are terrorists and it's our job to protect the American people from terrorists!"

What I want to know is this - who is going to protect us from our president and our government?

Emotional babbling about terrorists is irrelevant. Considering the amount of unchecked power this bill will concentrate in the presidency, it's our own president we should be worried about, not a few terrorists. This bill that is about to pass pretty much gives the president the power to declare ANY non-citizen an enemy combatant, lock them up for eternity without trial AND eliminates the right of the accused to challenge his imprisonment and torture in court.

This doesn't even sound like it's happening in America, does it?

Imagine someone, a non-citizen, married to an American and having lived in America for 30 years donates money to a charity. If the president decides that charity is connected to terrorists, the person who donated can be taken away in the middle of the night and never heard from again. And you know that once the religious fanatics have the power they've been seeking, pretty soon internet porn and abortion and anything the fanatics don't like will be somehow connected to terrorism.

Where is this going?

This is way too much power concentrated in the presidency. What's to keep the president from abusing this power? History has shown that too much power in the hands of one person will nearly always be abused. King George of England had too much power over the American colonies and that's why we had the American Revolution.

Is Bush trying to protect America or destroy it?

This is getting serious. This is a giant leap towards destroying America. Once our president gets too much power, starts abusing the power and turns us into a totalitarian police state, the only way back to freedom and the American way will be through revolution - once again.

Gee - I hope the unAmerican Bush doesn't interpret that last sentence as a terrorist remark and send the goons to grab me in the middle of the night to spend the rest of my life getting tortured in a secret dungeon. Perhaps after this torture bill passes I better delete this blog and stop saying anything negative about the president.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Torture is Like Police Brutality - The Authorities Become the Bad Guys

Who would have ever thought we would see the day in America when an idiot president is pleading with America to give him the right to torture?

Only a low-forehead, retarded fool could believe wide-scale torture is in America's best interest.

Bush says that if we allow him to torture we will be safer. But who's going to respect a country that tortures? And if nobody has respect for America, is anybody going to care if we're attacked again? If we throw America into the moral cess pool, will the islamic religious fanatics gain respect for us and be less likely to attack us?

If we allowed the police to torture suspects, would it reduce crime? NO! Just like in the movies, when a state becomes authoritarian and the police use brutal force, people begin to side with the criminals. If we gave the police the right to torture suspects, then anybody opposing the police would be seen as the heroes.

There is nothing more dangerous, sinister and un-American than a regime that tortures.

Bush could Pardon in Advance Torture Interrogators

Bush is trying to say that CIA interrogators won't do their job without protection from legal liability due to torture.

If they really did have a significant terrorist who had critical information, Bush could just issue an advance written pardon to the interrogators if torture was really and truly called for, as in the hypothetical example of a terrorist who knows the location of a nuclear bomb hidden in a city.

But this is not good enough for Bush. Why? Because then Bush himself would be liable and responsible and on record. In addition, Bush wants the privilege of ordering torture on a wide scale by entire government departments - he doesn't have time to issue pardons for all the low-level people he'd like to have committing torture.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Let Bush Torture or he will Stop Interrogating Terrorists

The clown in the white house actually had the nerve to tell Congress and the public to give him the legal right to torture suspected terrorists or else he would stop all interrogations!

Think about what he is saying. He is threatening to stop doing his job if he is not allowed to torture the way he wants to torture. He is saying, "you let me torture suspected terrorists the way I want or else I won't try to stop the terrorists from coming after you."

This is like a high school football quarterback telling the coach, "you let me have complete control or else I'll start throwing interceptions and let the other team win."

Anybody who threatens to sabotage their own job should be fired! Threatening to stop interrogating suspected terrorists should be an impeachable offense!

Nobody is telling the Bush regime it's not allowed to interrogate prisoners. But the Supreme Court and we the public ARE telling Bush he must do so legally and ethically and without torture. And we are telling him to stop dragging the already declining image of America through the mud!

Bush is trying to make the case that intelligence interrogators can't interrogate without legislation clarifying how much they can torture. What a load of BS. This is nonsense on the very face of it. Simply stop doing ANYTHING that might be construed as torture and there won't be any risk of legal sanctions. It's as simple as that. If you think waterboarding is borderline, then don't do it. America needs to return to the moral high ground and stop allowing the Bush regime to corrupt and destroy traditional American values.

Would you rather have it known that your country has brutal tactics and tortures prisoners, some of whom happen to be innocent, or would you rather have it known that your country treats all humans decently and never tortures anyone?

Perhaps if America had a world-wide reputation for treating all prisoners decently, some of the enemies would be less likely to fight to the death to avoid capture. If we treated prisoners decently we would probably get a whole lot more information out of them. Most of the middle eastern countries are known for brutally torturing prisoners. Lowering American values to their level is not doing any good for our cause. It's hurting our image and helping to create more terrorists and we need to stop this now.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Why Has America Not Been Attacked in 5 Years?

For the same reason America was not attacked during the eight and a half year time span between the first world trade center bombing on February 26, 1993 and the second on September 1, 2001.

It's certainly not because the Clinton Administration kept us safe during that eight and a half year time span. And this recent 5 years without an attack is NOT because of the Bush regime and its assault on democracy and civil liberties.

Do you really think the religious fanatics would not have done something if they had the capability to inflict harm on lots of Americans? Do you really think they would not have blown up a suitcase atomic bomb in Israel if they had such a device and the capability to deliver it?

The answer is simply that the religious terrorists are impotent and weak and stupid.

It's very easy to kill and destroy and steal. That's why criminals choose a life of crime - it's easier for human parasites to steal the fruits of someone else's labor than to labor themselves. Killing and destroying is easy yet the religious terrorists are only capable of a few significant acts per decade. Obviously, they simply aren't very capable. It's lucky for us they are so stupid and impotent.

Think about it - the most significant act of terrorism to date simply involved 19 men taking over 4 small confined spaces using knives. Is that some big monolithic achievement? Hardly. The only thing that even lends significance to the event is the fact that some beautiful buildings collapsed and 3,000 Americans died because of the buildings.

So, why is there so much terrorism in Iraq right now? Because the entire country is filled with religious fanatics! Duh! If the entire country were filled with cannibals there would be a lot of human flesh eating going on. If the entire country were filled with assassins the killings would be quieter and more effective. But if Iraq was filled with atheists instead of religious fanatics it would be a beautiful, peaceful country on the leading edge of science with a rich history and a thriving tourist industry.

Religious superstition destroys and corrupts!