Sunday, July 23, 2006

Osama Bin-Laden is a Religious Conservative, Just Like Bush

These days, when a politican identifies himself as a conservative, most likely he means a religious conservative.

During the Reagan era, conservative meant someone interested in fiscal restraint and smaller, more limited government. That's hardly the case under the current Bush regime. Today the word conservative means little more than simply fundamentalist christianity.

And what is a religious conservative, aka, religious fundamentalist? Here's a good quote from the New York Times that sums it up:

The real underlying issue is that fundamentalism in the Southern Baptist form is incompatible with higher education. In fundamentalism, you have all the truths. In education, you’re searching for truths.

David W. Key, director of Baptist Studies at the Candler School of Theology at Emory
New York Times 2006.07.22

One significant fact left out of this quote is that the fundamentalist believes he has all the answers AND he believes all the answers come from books written nearly 2000 years ago by superstitious men who didn't even know the earth is round.

So, when we hear of someone running for political office and identifying themselves as a "conservative", let's remember that Osama Bin-Laden is also a religious conservative from one of the three main world religions.