Sunday, June 25, 2006

Iraq Cannot End Well Without Separation of Church and State

Unfortunately, we allowed some Iraqis to choose an islamic constitution. Therefore, Iraq is a lost cause and we should either get out or make a dramtic change in direction and give them a secular government.

Islamic governments either turn wacko like Iran and the Taliban or they turn to absolute, despotic dictatorship like Saddam Hussein and other islamic countries. Islam is simply not a mild mannered religion and doesn't typically lead to moderation. Even if an islamic country does have a period of moderation it's not likely to last long. The islamic religion, when officially part of a government's constitution, is like cancer - it nearly always grows into a bigger problem.

What we've accomplished in Iraq is removing a dictator and installing a fanatical, fundamentalist, islamic theocracy. We replaced something bad by something worse. So what, exactly, is the point of staying the course in Iraq? It cannot end well and we should just cut our losses and get out.