Friday, February 10, 2006

Excellent Article by Sam Harris

This is a very good, straight to the point article:

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Democrats Need Principles!

It's not enough for the Democrats to simply talk about how evil and incompetent the Republicans are.

And it's just dumb the way the Democrats are trying to jump on the religion band wagon. Everytime a Democrat gives a speech these days, notice how many times they try to mention faith and god. Do they really think they can compete with Republicans in the religion arena? Or do they think religious voters are so fickle that religion is merely a qualification test for political office rather than an end-all, be-all platform as republicans have recognized it? Democrats seem to think that if they can pass the religion test the voters will then look at the issues but that's just not reality. The reality is that grabbing political power for christianity is what this current religious fad in America is all about and the Democrats will never be able to compete with Republicans on that battle field nor should they because it's a battle field that does not belong in America.

The Democrats would be smart if they found some principles to stand on. One good place to start would be the principle of separation of church and state. Instead of trying to mention god in every speech, the Democrats should have a policy of NOT mentioning god or faith but, instead, purposely and publicly keeping religion out of politics. This is a principle the voters could respect. Everyone knows it is a core American value and is good and right. Even the relgious Republicans know deep in their hearts there is something sinister involved when politics is infected by religion.

Instead of feebly mimicking the Republican's public display of religion, the Democrats should take a stand for the 200+ year old American principle of separation of church and state. It's a true American value worth saving.

"The party which, while in a minority, will lick the dust to gain the ascendancy, becomes, in power, insolvent, vindictive and tyrannical."

...Noah Webster