Sunday, January 22, 2006

Religion is More Dangerous Than Communism

Bolivia is turning towards communism. I used to think changes like this were bad. They are bad because communism is just a form of dictatorship and dictatorship is bad because it means one person or group of people gets to have unchecked power over everbody else for no legitimate reason. But there are far worse things happening in world of politics today.

The really dangerous evil in the world today is religion and the turning towards theocracy! Most of the wars and the torturing of innocents in the world have been caused by religion. Religion teaches that it's okay to believe in nonsensical superstition and therefore religion corrupts and destroys the mind. In fact, I would argue that mental atrophy caused by religious superstition is what creates the mass stupidity that allows communism to spread in the first place. Religion teaches, "don't think, just believe" and, "you are evil by nature and sacrificing yourself would be good and noble." Would anyone really fall for communist propaganda if they weren't already conditioned by these two religious principles?

The one and only good thing about communism is that at least it keeps religious superstition under control.

These days, when I read about a country turning towards communism I think to myself, thank goodness they aren't turning into a christian or islamic theocracy!!!


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