Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Penalties Doubled for government officials in a position to abuse authority!

Penalties are doubled for drivers who speed in a construction zone because the workers are vulnerable.

How about doubling the penalty for corrupt politicians?

We are all vulnerable to the power of government officials. This includes police, judges, district attorneys, IRS auditors, senators, congressmen and presidents.

They all have power over us and we are all vulnerable to their power.

Shouldn't they pay a double penalty if they abuse their authority? They should pay a much higher penalty than the average Joe Citizen when they are convicted of serious abuse-of-authority crimes but the reality seems to be they pay a much LIGHTER penalty. Why?

Personally, I believe a government official who abuses their authority and hurts innocent people should be executed.

Representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham is the latest corrupt republican to be caught. He apologized in tears but he'll probably get a minor slap on the wrist, spend a short time in jail, and retire a wealthy man after using his position as congressman to line his own pockets with money and perks at our expense - the citizens of America.