Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ironic! London Bombers did a Scientific Practice Run

The New York Times today said the London bombers did a practice run two weeks prior to their suicide attack.

How terribly ironic!

They believe they were murdering for god's sake yet they did not trust god enough to just do it without practicing. If they believe in god so strongly, why don't they believe god will control the outcome?

It's funny how people believe god is in control of the weather, especially during a natural disaster like hurricane Katrina, yet when the rubber meets the road even fanatical suicide bombers don't seriously trust god, and neither does anyone else. The reason is simple - god doesn't exist which it why god can never be relied upon for anything.

Basically, the London suicide bombers were being scientific. They had an idea about how to execute their murderous plot but they didn't place empty religious faith in their idea - they tested the idea. It's sadly ironic they would put their murdering mission to a scientific test yet they would never consider putting their driving philosophy, belief in a supernatural god, to the test.

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