Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Magic Bullet to Fix Income Taxes and the Economy

Last night on ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings (April 12, 2005) there was a segment exposing the small amount of income taxes paid by corporations. By 2003 Corporations were only paying about 16 percent of all income taxes taken in by the U.S. federal government.

Specifically mentioned was Wachovia which saved 3 billion dollars by purchasing a sewer system (or something like that) in Germany then immediately leasing back the sewer system to Germany. The only purpose of the transaction was to reduce Wachovia's income tax burden.

What we have here is a complicated, unfair system in which corporations waste enormous time, money and resources just to reduce their income tax burden. At the same time, the naked truth is individual people pay most of the income tax to the government and corporations pay very little. All the effort corporations put into reducing their income tax burden is simply national productivity down the drain. It does nothing healthy or good for our country.

There is a simple magic bullet that can fix this problem: change the system to tax ONLY individuals and ONLY on gross income with no deductions and no loopholes. For example, change the system to tax individuals at a rate of 25% of their gross income over $40,000. No deductions for home ownership. No deductions for dependents. No loopholes for rich people. No unfairness at all anywhere in the system. And corporations can forget about income taxes and get back to the business of making better products leading to an improved economy and higher wages for all Americans.

The Economist reports that Russia discovered making income tax simple and fair increases both productivity and compliance, a win for both government and the people.

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Monday, April 11, 2005

God Did Not Save Terri Schiavo

Why didn't god save Terri Schiavo?

Why couldn't an angel come to the hospice and give Terri Schiavo a functioning brain?

Could it be due to the fact there is no such thing as a god or gods, angels, or in fact, anything at all supernatural?

When is the last time the world saw an objective demonstration of anything supernatural? Answer: never!

When something subjective happens, like one person lives through a car accident or a sick person gets well, the religious say god helped. But never in the history of the world has anything objective been seen to happen because of god. A person with scars will still have the scars tomorrow - god can't be troubled to magically make scars disappear. An objectively dead person will still be dead tomorrow - god can't be troubled to magically make a dead person come back to life. God never seems to do anything objectively obvious. If god exists, why does he need to play these little parlor tricks and pretend as if he doesn't exist?

Since "god" seems intent on keeping his existence a secret, how can anyone actually believe? No one really believes the ancient American Indian witchdoctor's rain dance actually had anthing to do with making rain. Most of the time when the witchdoctor would do his rain dance, it would not rain. So why would any Indians in the tribe believe the witchdoctor had magical power? What kind of answer can the christians come up with if someone asks them why they "know" their religion is true but they also know the Indian witchdoctor is false. Even the christians admit the impossibility of performing a test to see if their god actually exists. So why is christianity any different from any other cult or superstition? The truth is this: christianity is just a superstitious cult that happens to have a lot of followers. The only difference between christianity and other superstitious cults (astrology, crystal power, psychics, palm readers etc) is simply the quantity of believers.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Save the Children - Allow Priests to Marry

Hopefully the new pope of the catholic church will be smart enough to fix the problem of sexually perverted priests.

The fix is simple. Allow priests to marry.

Catholic priests turn into sexual perverts because they try to live an unnatural, against-nature perverted lifestyle of absolutely no sex.

The idea that abstaining from sex is somehow good and noble is a perversion of nature. Perverting nature in that way leads to sexual perversion. For the sake of children everywhere, let's hope the new catholic pope has the wisdom to do away with the ridiculous abstinence nonsense.

Schiavo Bill on Steroids, Rest of Congress Brain Dead

Why can't Congress do something about deficit reduction, income tax reform, the looming Medicare disaster or other seriously real problems as quickly as they passed the Schiavo bill?

The clowns in congress actually stayed through midnight wrestling with the Schiavo bill.

This certainly shows the perverted priorities of the conservative christian republicans.

Republican Party is POT Party

The Republican party should no longer be called the GOP.

It should be called the POT party: Party of Theocracy