Thursday, March 24, 2005

Religious Dictatorship is Worse than Communist Dictatorship

There are really only two kinds of governmental systems: free and dictatorship.

There are several kinds of dictatorships: communist, religious, feudal, monarchial, nazi etcetera. But they are all dictatorships plain and simple. They are all unethical. They are unethical because they do not give equal political rights to all people.

There is only one type of government that gives equal political rights to all human beings: free enterprise.

Although all dictatorships are bad, they are not all equally bad and the worst of all is a religious dictatorship. History shows that religious dictatorships are by far the cruelest, deadliest, most inhumane dictatorships. The dark ages was a long and deadly religious dictatorship. Fortunately, during the dark ages, the religious wackos had to share power with monarchs and other wannabe dictators or else it would have been even worse.

I'll elaborate on these concepts later.


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