Wednesday, March 16, 2005

It's Time to Abandon Taiwan and South Korea

America should have learned at least one thing from the Vietnam War: it's stupid to fight for the freedom of a country when the people in that country won't fight for themselves.

It's in America's best interest to publicly dismantle and disavow our thankless job as the global bodyguard for Taiwan and South Korea.

What would we really lose if China swallows Taiwan and North Korea swallows South Korea?

There is a significant percentage of people in Taiwan who believe Taiwan should be reunited with mainland China. We should get out of the way. Do we want to start world war 3 and send Americans to die when the Taiwanese themselves don't care?

The same thing goes for South Korea. The South Korean government is openly hostile to America and many of its citizens are anti-American. If we remove our land mines from the demilitarized zone and then get out, the dictator-clown with the funny hair in North Korea can take over South Korea and have even more slaves under his thumb. North Korea can plunder the wealth of South Korea and people in the North will be able to taste food again. Soon, the economy of the reunited Korea will be as bankrupt as North Korea is now and America and Japan will have less competition in the electronics industry. Everybody wins - except, of course, the South Koreans.

It's time for Americans to concern themselves with the best interest of America. We should have learned from Vietnam that fighting for so-called freedom in some ungrateful corner on the other side of the Earth does nothing to futher our interests.


At 3/17/2005 03:14:00 PM, Blogger AndrĂ© Ferreira said...

I feel must more relief after reading your blog. I am from Portugal and i look to america as a great danger for all the world. I dont understand how can be possible that country with more mass destruction weapons its ready to invade any country who as one? How can be prisioners in guantanamo without judgement or even a charge? Is that the democracy Bush wants for us? Is that democracy? In portugal we dont call it democracy, am glad there are people like you that are concerned with it there in america, that means that isnt all lost yet. A hug



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