Monday, March 21, 2005

It's Religious Wars, Not Culture Wars

The media is calling the weirdness in Washington "culture wars". The media still doesn't get it. It should be called religious wars, not culture wars because all the weird disputes in politics these days are sparked by religion.

What the religious Republicans are trying to pass off as a "culture of life" should more properly be called a "culture of religion" because as I've pointed out here in this blog, the so-called "pro life" movement has nothing to do with respect for human life and everything to do with religious superstition.

The religious Republicans say that "moral values" won the election in 2004 but the correct term is "religous values." Religion is one possible source of moral and ethical principles but a better source is rational, objective thinking. Aristotle and Socrates lived hundreds of years before Jesus and are infinitely more valuable as fountains of clear-thinking, rational ethics. In addition, Socrates was tried and executed by his government for his principles yet he never wavered in sticking to his principles and, unlike Jesus, he wasn't hiding out, trying to evade capture. (If Jesus wasn't hiding from the Roman soldiers, then why did Judas have to betray Jesus' location before the soldiers could find him?) Socrates had far more integrity and was a much greater and more noble hero than pathetic little Jesus.

The religious republicans claim to be concerned about the civil rights of a human vegetable and they claim to value the human potential of a microscopic clump of unborn cells yet they condone torture and change bankruptcy laws so that the rich can protect assets but the poor have no escape. I wish the religious republicans could be a little more concerned about people that are actually living among us and less preoccupied with vegetables and clumps of cells.

If the religious replublicans keep going in their current direction, pretty soon we'll have inquisitions and crusades again, but this time they'll be backed by nuclear weapons. Can you imagine what the world would be like now if Spain had nuclear weapons during the Spanish Inquisition?

Media and rational people everywhere, please don't fall for the subterfuge spewed by the religious republicans. Instead, please use the following phraseology:
  • religious wars NOT culture wars
  • culture of religion NOT culture of life
  • religious values NOT moral values
  • people of religion NOT people of faith
  • POT party (Party of Theocracy) NOT GOP party


At 4/19/2005 06:54:00 AM, Blogger jazzgtr said...

I couldn't agree more.


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