Tuesday, March 01, 2005

BTK Killer is Church Leader

The BTK killer, Dennis L. Rader, has been caught. He is the president of the church council at Christ Lutheran Church in Wichita Kansas and has been a member of the church for about 30 years.

That should not come as any suprise. Most violent wackos are religious. It is probably the extreme internal conflict between reality and religious superstition that causes their wackiness. After all, according to the religious superstition, wouldn't they be doing their vicitms a favor by killing them and therefore sending them to heaven early? I'm not sure why the christians don't see all the good that serial killers do for their vicitims.

I wish someone would do a study on the religious beliefs of violent criminals in prison. I'm pretty sure it would be discovered that a disproportionate percentage of violent criminals are religious and that few violent criminals are affirmed atheists. I'm also sure it would be found that very few affirmed atheists are incarcerated for crimes of ethics such as theft and breaking contracts (note: cheating on taxes is probably not a crime of ethics). It will be found that affirmed atheists are by far MORE ethical and honest than their religious counterparts. After all, it takes a courageous and conscious mental effort to reject the religious superstition that has been brainwashed into us from birth. Any person with the courage to reject superstition in favor of reason and risk eternal torture in the process likely has a profound respect for human life and human reasoning.


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Good blog. I will recommend it to the iierrancy group in Topica.

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