Thursday, March 24, 2005

Religious Dictatorship is Worse than Communist Dictatorship

There are really only two kinds of governmental systems: free and dictatorship.

There are several kinds of dictatorships: communist, religious, feudal, monarchial, nazi etcetera. But they are all dictatorships plain and simple. They are all unethical. They are unethical because they do not give equal political rights to all people.

There is only one type of government that gives equal political rights to all human beings: free enterprise.

Although all dictatorships are bad, they are not all equally bad and the worst of all is a religious dictatorship. History shows that religious dictatorships are by far the cruelest, deadliest, most inhumane dictatorships. The dark ages was a long and deadly religious dictatorship. Fortunately, during the dark ages, the religious wackos had to share power with monarchs and other wannabe dictators or else it would have been even worse.

I'll elaborate on these concepts later.

Monday, March 21, 2005

It's Religious Wars, Not Culture Wars

The media is calling the weirdness in Washington "culture wars". The media still doesn't get it. It should be called religious wars, not culture wars because all the weird disputes in politics these days are sparked by religion.

What the religious Republicans are trying to pass off as a "culture of life" should more properly be called a "culture of religion" because as I've pointed out here in this blog, the so-called "pro life" movement has nothing to do with respect for human life and everything to do with religious superstition.

The religious Republicans say that "moral values" won the election in 2004 but the correct term is "religous values." Religion is one possible source of moral and ethical principles but a better source is rational, objective thinking. Aristotle and Socrates lived hundreds of years before Jesus and are infinitely more valuable as fountains of clear-thinking, rational ethics. In addition, Socrates was tried and executed by his government for his principles yet he never wavered in sticking to his principles and, unlike Jesus, he wasn't hiding out, trying to evade capture. (If Jesus wasn't hiding from the Roman soldiers, then why did Judas have to betray Jesus' location before the soldiers could find him?) Socrates had far more integrity and was a much greater and more noble hero than pathetic little Jesus.

The religious republicans claim to be concerned about the civil rights of a human vegetable and they claim to value the human potential of a microscopic clump of unborn cells yet they condone torture and change bankruptcy laws so that the rich can protect assets but the poor have no escape. I wish the religious republicans could be a little more concerned about people that are actually living among us and less preoccupied with vegetables and clumps of cells.

If the religious replublicans keep going in their current direction, pretty soon we'll have inquisitions and crusades again, but this time they'll be backed by nuclear weapons. Can you imagine what the world would be like now if Spain had nuclear weapons during the Spanish Inquisition?

Media and rational people everywhere, please don't fall for the subterfuge spewed by the religious republicans. Instead, please use the following phraseology:
  • religious wars NOT culture wars
  • culture of religion NOT culture of life
  • religious values NOT moral values
  • people of religion NOT people of faith
  • POT party (Party of Theocracy) NOT GOP party

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

It's Time to Abandon Taiwan and South Korea

America should have learned at least one thing from the Vietnam War: it's stupid to fight for the freedom of a country when the people in that country won't fight for themselves.

It's in America's best interest to publicly dismantle and disavow our thankless job as the global bodyguard for Taiwan and South Korea.

What would we really lose if China swallows Taiwan and North Korea swallows South Korea?

There is a significant percentage of people in Taiwan who believe Taiwan should be reunited with mainland China. We should get out of the way. Do we want to start world war 3 and send Americans to die when the Taiwanese themselves don't care?

The same thing goes for South Korea. The South Korean government is openly hostile to America and many of its citizens are anti-American. If we remove our land mines from the demilitarized zone and then get out, the dictator-clown with the funny hair in North Korea can take over South Korea and have even more slaves under his thumb. North Korea can plunder the wealth of South Korea and people in the North will be able to taste food again. Soon, the economy of the reunited Korea will be as bankrupt as North Korea is now and America and Japan will have less competition in the electronics industry. Everybody wins - except, of course, the South Koreans.

It's time for Americans to concern themselves with the best interest of America. We should have learned from Vietnam that fighting for so-called freedom in some ungrateful corner on the other side of the Earth does nothing to futher our interests.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Social Security Fix? Bush is a Liar and Denier

In spite of the bleak outlook for Bush's social security plan, he says he's going to keep "... pushing and explaining to people of all ages why Social Security needs to be fixed permanently and why it's best that personal accounts be part of the solution."

What does it matter what he says? Does anybody still listen to the moron?

He has proven himself to be a liar and denier.

He said it was important to attack Iraq because they had weapons of mass destruction. They didn't. So then he said, "the world is better off without Saddam Hussein."

He says private accounts will fix social security and those near retirement won't be affected and the young will have more at retirement. When that proves false, he will simply say, "America is better off without the old Social Security system."

Reality and truth have no bearing on Bush. He says whatever he needs to get what he wants then denies he was wrong. He has lost all credibility and no one should pay him any attention. He is an unethical tyrant riding a wave of christian fanaticism.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Extrajudicial Rendition and Torture

Why do we need to be very careful and cautious with the Bush regime's inclination for extrajudicial rendition and torture?

For the same reasons that:
  • We don't allow our president to be absolute dictator for four years.
  • We require two officers with separate keys to launch a nuclear missle.
  • We have three branches of government providing checks and balances on each other.
  • We require a court order to allow police to enter a private property.
  • We require a court order to allow government to seize private property.
  • All police shootings are investigated.
In a nutshell, to prevent abuse of power by not concentrating too much power in too few hands. This principle is essentially the whole point of our constitution - to provide for a workable government but restrained with checks and balances in such a way that no one person or department or branch has enough power to abuse their power.

Anytime we must consider new powers in the hands of our government, we must ask ourselves, what is the potential for abuse of this power? If the potential for abuse is great, we must build in some checks and balances on that power.

In the case of torture, it's often said that if a terrorist knows of an atomic bomb that's going to destroy a city and kill millions, it would be reasonable to torture the terrorist in order to save millions of lives. That's absolutely true. It's against our constitution but millions of lives outweighs this one single torture. But ONLY if we really know there is a potential to save millions of lives. (Let's not forget how easily the Bush regime said, "we must attack Iraq now because they have weapons of mass destruction," only to hear him say later, "oops, he didn't have weapons of mass destruction but the world is better off without him.") So, how can we judge when torture might be permissable? Very simple - by court order. The court order must come from a significant federal court and must not be a simple thing to obtain. It can be a quick thing to obtain in emergencies but it must never be a simple and casual thing to obtain. It might even need to come from the Supreme Court. There is a huge potential for abuse with torture so we need some serious safeguards against abuse.

Right now, the Bush regime can torture anyone at anytime or send them to a foreign country for torture without a court order and without any oversight. This is unacceptable. If this is not stopped soon, it's just a matter of time before news reporters are tortured to give up their sources, illegal file sharing kids are tortured to give up their co-conspirators, and all of us have more to fear from our own government than from terrorists.

This abuse of power by the Bush regime is dangerous to the American way of life and it will spread rapidly if we don't get it under control soon. Power corrupts and the current Bush regime has way too much power already.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

BTK Killer is Church Leader

The BTK killer, Dennis L. Rader, has been caught. He is the president of the church council at Christ Lutheran Church in Wichita Kansas and has been a member of the church for about 30 years.

That should not come as any suprise. Most violent wackos are religious. It is probably the extreme internal conflict between reality and religious superstition that causes their wackiness. After all, according to the religious superstition, wouldn't they be doing their vicitms a favor by killing them and therefore sending them to heaven early? I'm not sure why the christians don't see all the good that serial killers do for their vicitims.

I wish someone would do a study on the religious beliefs of violent criminals in prison. I'm pretty sure it would be discovered that a disproportionate percentage of violent criminals are religious and that few violent criminals are affirmed atheists. I'm also sure it would be found that very few affirmed atheists are incarcerated for crimes of ethics such as theft and breaking contracts (note: cheating on taxes is probably not a crime of ethics). It will be found that affirmed atheists are by far MORE ethical and honest than their religious counterparts. After all, it takes a courageous and conscious mental effort to reject the religious superstition that has been brainwashed into us from birth. Any person with the courage to reject superstition in favor of reason and risk eternal torture in the process likely has a profound respect for human life and human reasoning.