Friday, February 25, 2005

Religion is Harmless Until People Take it Seriously

The christian religion in one form or another has been in America since the beginning. So why is it only now rearing its ugly head in dangerous ways? Because now people in high positions of American government are taking it seriously!

What is the difference between a religious fundamentalist and a religous moderate? The fundamentalist takes his religion seriously, believes deeply, and follows absolutely. When the religion says kill nonbelievers, the fundamentalist follows the command. Both the Koran and the christian bible order believers to kill nonbelievers. The only difference between the 9/11 terrorists and the religious republicans in America is the terrorists were more devout in their faith.

Religion is mostly harmless as long as nobody takes it seriously. When people allow their religious superstition to rule ceremonies and funerals but rely on reason and science to guide their actions and government, life goes on. But when people allow religious superstition to rule government then all hell will break loose!

The pope just had an emergency tracheotomy last night to save his life. Clearly, when his life is on the line, he and his followers trust medical science more than they trust god. Any time the outcome is clear, objective and indisputable, all people, religious or otherwise, trust reason and science over their religious superstition. It's only when something is vague, unclear and subjective that any person in the world is willing to put their faith to the test. Clearly, faith is unprovable, unreliable, untestable and therefore, of no value in reality.

Yet faith is destroying America right now. We have a retarded child in the presidency right now who believes he is doing god's will. How does he know god's will? Through faith. Religious faith is believing something when there's no reason to believe it. So in essence, George W. Bush simply believes that if his belief is strong enough, god will guide him. Considering that he was a failure in every endeavor prior to becoming president, clearly our country is in danger.

So, now religion is coming out of the closet and out of the church and starting to have more than mere ceremonial influence in our lives. The last time this happened it was called the dark ages. Superstition ruled and the church murdered millions and people suffered on a massive scale. Allowing religious superstition to rule in the nuclear age is not a good idea.


At 3/19/2005 01:23:00 PM, Blogger vjack said...

Great site! Keep up the good work. Faith has got to go.


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