Saturday, February 12, 2005

Bad Time for Retarded Children to Control America

North Korea has admitted possessing nukes and Iran has refused to curtail their nuclear program.

This is a very bad time for us in America to have retarded children running our government. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, and Wolfowitz are the crazies. They are a pack of retarded children in a bible study group chanting religious mumbo jumbo while America gets sucked into the dark cesspool of religious superstition.

Thanks to them, we have maxed out our military in Iraq, which has been proven to be absolutely no threat to America, and we have little military power left to focus on the despotic countries that actually do pose a threat.

When Bush or even a muslim mullah get sick they go see a doctor. They don't sit around in a prayer group praying to get well because they don't trust faith when it comes to their own health. Yet when it comes to war and young soldier's lives, America's leaders rely on prayer and the christian bible for direction. That's why we're in this mess with Iraq and we're heading for disaster with our soaring national debt and increasing numbers of nuclear powered wacko regimes.

At this dangerous time in our history, we need clear rational thinking and good judgement running our country not the religious superstition of retarded children.


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