Sunday, January 02, 2005

The World Was Better Off With Saddam Hussein In Power

I just saw King Abdullah 2nd of Jordan on TV last night. He's concerned that the Shia majority in Iraq will take power and align themselves with their religious center - Iran.

In other words, he's concerned that Iranian Shiites will end up controlling Iran, Iraq, and Iraq's oil. Combined with their influence in Syria and Labanon, the new Iran-Iraq could be a major destabilizing force in the middle east.

What a disaster.

Saddam Hussein kept the religious fanatics under control in Iraq. Apparently, keeping muslim fanatics under control requires a brutal dictator. We were actually safer WITH Saddam Hussein controlling Iraq. Invading Iraq has been the greatest recruiting tool the muslim fanatics could ever have hoped for and was a horrible mistake. Invading Iraq has destroyed America's credibility in the world, destroyed America's military recruitment, and squandered the new trust we all had in our American military that took so many years to regain after the Vietnam debacle.

Imagine what could have been had someone like Colin Powell been president instead of the "W" clown. Colin Powell would have investigated and determined that Saddam was not a threat to America. He could have then chosen to work diplomatically with Saddam encouraging Saddam to move gradually towards democracy. It could have been a win-win situation for Iraq and America and, indeed, for the whole middle east. Instead, thanks to the clown in the oval office, we have the worst possible outcome: American soldiers dying for nothing, more muslims than ever wanting to kill us, and a situation in the middle east getting worse by the day.

Our idiotic Bush regime has caused some serious damage to America and the world but the christian fanatics don't care! They re-elected him in spite of the fact that he has done the wrong thing at the wrong time every time. This is part of the problem with mixing religion into government - a total disregard for reality to such a degree that the worst president in the history of the United States can get re-elected merely on the basis he is a "christian" in spite of the fact he is a miserable failure.

The christian fanatics, like the muslim fanatics, are not concerned with reality. Their only concern is spreading their personal religious superstition.


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