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Why Keep Government and Religion Separate?

Why keep religion out of government? Because religion is not objective. Religion is nothing more than subjective opinion and personal preference. Can anyone prove their religion is right and other religions are wrong? There is no evidence that any gods ever existed and there is no evidence that even one single supernatural event ever occurred in all the history of the earth. Belief in the supernatural, the basis of religion, is unprovable, untestable, unverifiable and therefore absolutely unreliable.

In other words, there is no reason to think religion is anything more than pure superstitious myth.

Should a government be based on or influenced by myth? Would you want your government run by people who relied on astrology? How about electing a psychic as president? What about a president who makes all decisions based on Tarot cards or the voodoo pattern formed by casting some chicken bones on the floor? How about if, instead of requiring rigorous clinical trials to determine the safety and efficacy of new drugs, the Food and Drug Administration simply prayed for guidance from god? What if the Supreme Court issued rulings with no more explanation than "divine guidance" rather than detailed, logical opinions based on constitutional principles?

So, you wouldn't want a president to take us to war based on a hand of Tarot cards? Why not? Could it be that you don't believe in Tarot cards? Why don't you believe in Tarot cards? Is it because you've never seen any evidence to suggest Tarot cards can reliably predict the future? Exactly what is the evidence you've seen to suggest the existence of anything at all supernatural?

Here's a good little experiment: Ask a religious person how he knows his religion is correct and other religions are wrong. After wading through some diversionary chaff, there are really only two possible answers:
  1. I just feel it.
  2. I just believe it.
In other words, belief in religion is not based on evidence or reality or reason. Belief in religion is based on nothing. People just choose to believe because they want to believe.

If religion is not based on evidence or reason, how do you confirm it is right or wrong? If you can't even confirm a religion as a whole is right or wrong, how can you begin to interpret the meaning of thousand-year-old gibberish written by ignorant, superstitious men that didn't even know the earth is round and didn't know of the existence of bacteria let alone that it causes disease?

On top of being pure myth, christianity, like most religions, is so full of contradictions and inconsistencies that anyone can justify anything based on it. Want to justify war? The bible says that if people in a city serve other gods you are to kill everyone in the city and burn it to the ground (Deuteronomy 13:12-16) and Jesus commands we kill anyone not believing in him (John 15:6). Want to justify peace? Jesus said turn the other cheek. Any book of philosophy that can be conveniently used to justify both sides of any argument is not to be trusted and is not worth the paper it's written on.

The bottom line is this: religion boils down to mob rule. It has to be mob rule because it is not based on reason or evidence. You can't assert a religious position by being brilliant with logic since logic has nothing to do with it. Whoever gets the most followers is the leader of the mob and is the one who decides. That's why Islam has its sharia and christianity has its tele-evangelists. They are the leaders of the mob and they decide how to interpret the thousand-year-old religious writing.

So, if religion controls government, it means that government is controlled by a mob. This is just another form of dictatorship. A religious theocracy is really a religious dictatorship.

Religion is a weed growing in the brain attacking the natural human capacity to reason logically and think clearly. It starts small but eventually it will take over and corrupt and destroy all that is good in humanity.

Like a weed, religion needs to be stamped out while some of us can still think clearly like rational human beings.


At 3/26/2005 10:13:00 PM, Anonymous Blue-Face said...

I'm up to my eyeballs in christians all the time, anytime I'm out of my home. I rage at the smug-and-stupid attitude. The self-congratulatory promise at an anti-war gathering is daily prayer for Bush! Your arguments are good enough to communicate thru your rage!

At 4/28/2005 07:39:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you a very Anti-religion person.
God help you

At 8/01/2005 06:00:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. Wow that is a different point of view that I have not heard about the Saddam issue. I think you have made a clear point. I didn't vote for him in the beginning or the second time. Have you seen the movie "What the Bleep do We know?" Everything mentioned in that documentary/movie may or may not be true, but what then, is true? Anyway, I think it gives out a message that everyone should realize. It puts out questions that I think everyone should think about. Thanks for sharing your point of views, I enjoy reading them.

At 5/05/2006 03:15:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are saying "Prove to me God is real" my challenge to you is, prove to me hes not.

At 5/05/2006 08:03:00 PM, Blogger David said...

"Prove god is not real"? Of all the arguments put forth by people of faith (as opposed to people of reality), this is the dumbest.

The common response is this - "it's not necessary to prove a negative".

Let me make it crystal clear with an example.

Verily I say to you, there is not one god but actually 5. They are all sisters. One of them is sitting next to you right now and another is sitting at your feet. They find it funny that so many people believe in christianity and other religions and the only reason they don't reveal themselves is because our silly superstitions are so funny and provide them with so much entertainment. Two of them are next to you right now because you are a christian wacko and give them so much to laugh about. Of course, you can't see them and I can't provide any proof they exist but you have this testimonial here and now from me that they exist.

Now, you prove to me the five sisters are not the true gods and don't exist.

Does that make it clear? You can't prove they don't exist. You can't prove they are not the true gods of the universe. It's impossible to disprove.

I could sit here for a couple hours and make up 500 different stories of supernatural beings and claim each one of them to be the true story of the gods. You would not be able to disprove a single one but that doesn't make any of them true.

Of course, the second I made any testable claim about the 5 godly sisters, you would be able to start chipping away at my story. For example, I could claim that if you had faith in the 5 godly sisters, you would be able to move mountains. Or I could claim that faith in the 5 godly sisters would enable you to cure disease and survive poison. If millions of people believed in my story of 5 godly sisters yet not one could even levitate a feather much less move a mountain, you would be right to point out the lack of evidence to support my claim. Sound familiar? These are all claims made in the bible yet no one in the world can levitate a tiny feather with their faith. If all the people in the world, including the pope and the televangelists got together and prayed for god to leviate a feather, it would not happen.

So, what we have here is a superstitious book, the bible, making all kinds of claims, not a single one of which can be verified or demonstrated. You tell me, why is your compilation (bible) of thousand year-old gibberish written by men who didn't know the earth was round any more credible than my story of 5 godly sisters that I just made up as I was writing this?

At 10/05/2006 09:52:00 AM, Anonymous Speak2hands said...

You seem to be heavily attacking Christianity here. If you dont belive there is a G/god then so be it, however I see it a little unfair that only the Christian God isnt real. What about other religions?

At 10/05/2006 09:01:00 PM, Blogger David said...


My intention was not to attack only the christian god, but all gods, goddesses, witch doctors, psychics, fortune tellers etc.

They are all silly superstitions and, as such, they are all evil. Why are superstitions evil? Because they teach people to believe in things just because they are told to believe even though there is no supporting evidence. Christians teach their kids not to be afraid of a monster under the bed because monsters don't exist but at the same time they teach the kid that angels and devils do exist and all this is taught without a shred of evidence. What is this kind of absurd, irrational contradiction going to do to a young impressionable mind?

I'll tell you what it's going to do - it's going to warp and pervert the young mind. The young mind will learn that certain things can be believed regardless of the evidence. For example, christians have the ability to believe the war in Iraq is going well totally in spite of the abundant evidence to the contrary.

What exactly is the evidence for the existence of any gods?

At 10/27/2006 06:17:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The young mind will learn that certain things can be believed regardless of the evidence."

Absolutely! People who are trained, from birth, to believe what someone in "authority" tells them, regardless of contradictory evidence, who are taught that to question is "blasphemy," who are proud that they eschew critical thinking . . . Such people are ripe for picking by all sorts of conmen.

At 1/15/2008 02:26:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"If you can't even confirm a religion as a whole is right or wrong, how can you begin to interpret the meaning of thousand-year-old gibberish written by ignorant, superstitious men that didn't even know the earth is round and didn't know of the existence of bacteria let alone that it causes disease?"

That has got to be the best line I know. I like your blog because it is not totally one sided. Faith in a god is fine, faith in something else is fine, and no faith is fine also. Claiming what you believe is the one and true belief is wrong. The last time we combined government and religion, people got burned at the stake!

At 9/24/2011 12:04:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a very biased piece of writing. you are insulting everyone who has a religion and do believe in something. Atheists like you have nothing to hold on to in times of need when even science and 'logic' has failed you. everyone has their own views and are entitled to their own views. you can't just go up to people and say that you are violent because u have a religion and i am logical because i don't believe in any thing.

At 7/12/2012 02:09:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sums up all my arguments against religion, haha, extremely well written!!

At 1/07/2013 02:21:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

we dont NEED to stomp out religion we just need to teach people to completely seperate religious acts and thoughts and logical acts and thoughts.

At 10/16/2013 06:27:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

let me ask you one question if there if no god or heaven where do you go when you die? If there isn't a heaven then what is the point of living there would be no point of living if there is no good place to go in the end. So living would be the most pointless thing you could ever do. and if there was no god or heaven why would you sit here spending all of your time discouraging people and telling them what they believe in and live by is false?


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