Thursday, September 23, 2004

How to Fix the Mess in Iraq and Move Forward

America cannot have credible moral leadership in the world unless we are moral and ethical. Our actions in the past have NOT been ethical and we will have no credibility until we face up to what we have done.

We have interfered in the internal affairs of many governments around the world. We trained Osama Bin-Laden because we wanted Afghanistan to resist the Soviets. We supported Saddam Hussein when he attacked Iran because at the time we liked Iraq more than Iran. We helped the Shah of Iran oppress the Iranian people because we liked his pro-western attitude. In 1963 John F. Kennedy approved the assassination of the South Vietnamese leader in order to install our own puppet regime with the purpose of keeping communism out of South Vietnam. We give billions of dollars every year to Israel to help them enslave the Palestinians because christians in America believe Israel is a manifestation of bible prophecy. We attacked Iraq simply because George W. Bush wanted to. None of these actions are legitimate or ethical.

Here's what we should do to correct our mistakes in Iraq and the world, now and in the future:
  1. Apologize for interfering in foreign governments. Apologize for training Osama Bin-Laden to fight Russia. Apologize for Supporting Saddam Hussein against Iran. Apologize for supporting the Shah of Iran. And most of all we must apologize for allowing the mother of all jackasses, George "Wrong Way" Bush to run wild in the world. After apologizing, we must promise that henceforth we will be an ethical nation ruled by reason rather than religion.

  2. Apologise to our own American soldiers for using them in unethical, careless and downright silly war campaigns that were not in America's vital interests. We must promise our current and future soldiers that we will never again send them in harm's way unless it is truly vital to America's interests. We must do this before recuritment falls so low that our military is decimated and we're forced to return to a draft.

  3. Renounce interference in foreign governments. It is legitimate to come to the aid of a country attacked by another such as when Kuwait was attacked by Iraq in the first gulf war. It is ligitimate to overthrow a dictator who brutally abuses his subjects to such a degree that much of the civilized world agrees with overthrowing the dictator. It is legitimate to counter-attack if we were attacked first, hence, our war in Afghanistan is legitimate. It is even legitimate to pre-emptively attack another country but only if we have verifiable, objective evidence that they pose an eminent threat to America.

  4. Stop the hemorrhage of our foreign-aid tax dollars flowing endlessly to Israel and Egypt every year. If we want to give money to other countries, it should be for a limited time and a specific purpose, not a permanent annual charity handout forced upon the America taxpayer.

  5. Never train armies in other countries for their own internal civil wars unless absolutely necessary.

  6. We must set a deadline for when we will leave Iraq because any project takes 10 times longer than necessary in the absence of a deadline. Say, in a year or two. But, if the Iraqi government should ask us to leave ahead of schedule, we would leave immediately. We reserve the right to stay beyond the deadline and issue a new deadline if the Iraqi government requests it and we believe it will be fruitful. There's no other reasonable way around this deadline - there's just no value in fighting a never-ending war for a lost cause. What did we gain from 5 more years in Vietnam after 1968 when we finally learned we needed to get out? Absolutely nothing! All the secret negotiations and back-room politics by Kissinger and Nixon didn't change a damn thing in the final outcome.

  7. For long term stability, Iraq must be partitioned into three separate countries: Kurdish, Shiite, and Sunni, otherwise, it's a certainty that at least one minority group will be brutally oppressed by muslim fanatics.

  8. There must be complete separation of church and state in any new government constitutions created under our purview.

After facing up to our own guilt and committing ourselves to an ethical future, we will be in a position make it clear there are certain issues upon which we will not yield and upon which we will use force if necessary to maintain our security.

Here are the principles we should announce and stick to faithfully:
  1. Under absolutely no circumstances will wacko regimes be allowed to have nuclear technology. This means all muslim theocracies as well as wacko dictators like the bad-hair clown in North Korea, Kim Jong-Il. If we know they are building nuclear technology, we will first try diplomacy but if necessary we will destroy it just like Israel destroyed Iraq's nuclear reactor in 1981. This same principle will apply to chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction.

  2. If we can prove a country is harboring terrorists, we have the right to destroy the terrorists where they hide.

  3. For the remainder of the American occupation of Iraq, if an American vehicle is disabled by attack, any Iraqi within 50 meters of the vehicle will be shot on sight. An American vehicle disabled by attack should be a no-go zone for Iraqis and if a crowd gathers closely, they have been warned so they have no right to whine and complain if they get shot.

  4. Moqtada Al-Sadr must be executed. The 1,000 American soldiers who have died deserve to see Moqtada Al-Sadr pay for what he has done to them and to Iraq and the Iraqi people deserve a fair chance at democracy. If we leave Al-Sadr alive, the probability of democracy in Iraq is much smaller. Killing that muslim fanatic is the single most valuable thing we can do to give Iraq a fair chance at democracy.

In a nutshell, there are two main reasons much of the world hates America: our interference in foreign governments and our yearly 3 Billion dollar plus gift to Israel. Simply stopping these two activities will go a long way towards reestablishing our ethics and regaining our credibility.

Apologizing and facing up to what we've done and declaring rational, ethical principles upon which we stand will instantly reduce the threat we face from terrorism.

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