Thursday, September 09, 2004

George W. Bush Abuses Presidential Power

The Bush regime abused its power this week in a significant way that was horribly underreported in the news.
  1. The Bush regime declared that it was unconstitutional for Congress to compel the disclosure of data over objections from the executive branch.
  2. The Bush regime asked NBC to refrain from showing interviews with Kitty Kelley who wrote an unflattering book about the Bush family due to be released soon.
The first item was in regard to a medicare law passed recently under false cost information because the chief medicare actuary was ordered to withhold the true cost from members of congress. Since around 1912, it has been illegal for the executive branch to issue gag orders forbidding federal employees from providing information to members of congress. These laws have never been found unconstitutional.

The sinister thing here is not even the fact the Bush regime was cheating or issued a gag order against the chief medicare actuary. It's the audacity of the Bush regime to claim it has the right to issue gag orders and that the law against self-serving presidential gag orders is wrong and unconstitutional! The information gagged by the Bush regime was not classified or privileged. It was simply cost information that congress needed in order to vote on the medicare law.

Should the president be able, by executive order, to gag all communication to Congress? If so, the president could get away with almost anything. Already the president has, for all practical purposes, issued a government-wide gag order to suppress information relating to Bush's failure to serve his term in the National Guard during the Vietnam war (he dodged the draft using his father's political influence and then couldn't even complete his cushy National Guard duty yet this slimeball was FOR the Vietnam war and wants to be our commander-in-chief?).

Should the president be asking news media to withhold information from the public?

This president is showing his true colors. He does not care for democracy or freedom. He simply thirsts for unbridled power.


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