Saturday, September 25, 2004

Bush Defenders Believe He's Doing God's Will

When you think about it, what could George W. Bush have possibly done worse? Everything he has touched has turned out badly. In every case, he's done the worst possible thing.

So why do some people still defend George W. Bush? Because they believe George Bush is doing god's will since he's working to bring christianity into our schools and our government. They sincerely believe Bush's team is god's team.

This is a very good example why government should not be infected by religion. Even in the face of disastrous consequences as a result of wrong judgement and wrong choices, the religious fanatic still believes he's on the right path because he believes god sent him on that path. Furthermore, it's impossible to reason with the religious politician (or the religious voter) because reason and religion are incompatible.

Of course, it's an enduring mystery why an all-powerful being who reads everyone's thoughts and controls every molecule of the universe would need simple humans to defend him. But then again, it's also a mystery why such a being needs to be worshipped by humans yet refuses to prove he exists.

Take away the religion factor and nobody in their right mind could possibly defend Bush.


At 10/20/2004 04:47:00 AM, Blogger shelby said...

Sir, you claim to be a rational thinker and yet make blanket statements such as "Everything he has touched has turned out badly" which are, at best, your opinion and at worst, just plain wrong.

For example, most people think that Bush's decision to invade Afganistan was the right thing to do.

Teach them by example, not by belittling them.

At 10/20/2004 01:44:00 PM, Blogger David said...

Everybody agrees that going after the terrorists in Afghanistan was the right thing to do. But as a result of diverting our attention and resources away from Afghanistan before the job was done and, instead, focusing on Iraq, Afghanistan is now reverting back into a war-lord-religious-fanatic controlled country. At the rate it's digressing, it will become another Iraq soon. So, I repeat - virtually everything Bush touches turns into disaster.

At 11/04/2004 03:23:00 AM, Blogger m said...

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