Friday, July 02, 2004

Higher Priority for IRS than Coast Guard or CIA

Does it make sense that our government spends more tax dollars taking our money than protecting us?

The budget for the IRS is around 10 Billion dollars per year. The budget for the Coast Guard is around 6 Billion dollars per year. The budget for the CIA is estimated to be around 5 Billion dollars per year.

So, taxing Americans is a higher priority than inspecting cargo containers coming into our ports (Coast Guard). Sticking with our unfair and overly complicated income tax system is a higher priority than collecting intelligence on foreign terrorists (CIA).

This pathetic paradox is why we need a new tax system. The best proposal I've heard of is right here:

If we fix the tax system, we could instantly free up nearly 10 Billion dollars per year of the IRS budget which could be better spent protecting us from terrorist attacks. At the same time, we could finally make income taxes fair for all Americans and we would improve our economy in the process.


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