Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Low Level Soldiers Are Not To Blame in Prisoner Abuse

If Bush had any sense of decency, he would pardon the low-level grunts convicted of prisoner abuse. Left on their own without any supervision, how many so called "christians" would have guarded muslims after 9/11 and not abused them?

It's disgraceful the way the Bush regime is allowing low-level soldiers to be the scapegoats in the prisoner abuse scandal.

It's highly unlikely they were acting on their own but even if they were, they are not to blame. If a 2nd grade teacher leaves her classroom unattended for several hours, what is the likelyhood the classroom will be peaceful and orderly when the teacher returns? Should the 2nd graders be severly punished if they get a little wild after several hours unattended? Obviously the teacher is to blame, not the kids.

These young soldiers being prosecuted were guarding wacko terrorists who attacked our country. If they were acting on orders, then the commanding officers are to blame. If they were not acting on orders, then the commanding officers are still to blame for being ignorant of what was transpiring. The commanding officers are to blame for not making it perfectly clear to the soldiers that America does not torture prisoners. Are the commanding officers really so stupid they couldn't predict this would happen, or really so incompetent they didn't know it was happening?

If the commanding officers ordered this prisoner abuse, then the low-level soldiers are not to blame in the least. The whole point of boot camp is to teach soldiers to follow orders without thinking or questioning. Without such training, soldiers would never follow orders to run straight into enemy gunfire facing probable death. An army can't function if each soldier thinks about and analyzes the efficacy and strict lawfulness of each order. If a soldier ever questions an order, that soldier is in big trouble. This is the culture and mindset required to have an effective military. The only time a soldier can resonably be expected to question an order is when the order is so blatantly illegal and wrong as to make it impossible for an ethical soldier to carry out, such as an order to go out and kill innocent civilians. Clearly, the prisoner abuse wasn't at that level.

The young soldiers make very little money and don't have much of a career path. Their lives will be ruined by a conviction. These low-level grunts will have their lives ruined because the Bush regime needs scapegoats. If Bush had any sense of decency, he would issue a pardon to the low-level grunts and a clear policy statement that any abuse of prisoners in the future is not to be tolerated.

Our American Constitution outlaws cruel and unusual punishment. If we would just stick to our Constitution, we would be a moral and ethical society and we could hold our head high.

The prison torture and the Bush regime's assault on the wall separating church and state demonstrate clearly how little regard the Bush regime has for our American Constitution and American ideals in general. It's shameful. America, the shining city on a hill, has lost a lot of its luster under the Bush regime.


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