Thursday, June 03, 2004

It's the Religion Stupid!

The reason to vote against Bush isn't the war on terrorism. It isn't the economy. It's the religion!

George Bush wants to turn America into a religious theocracy!

He has exactly the same goal as the terrorists - to replace our government by a religious theocracy. It's just his choice of religion that's different.

John Kerry may not be much but anybody is better than Bush. And I'm saying that as a gun-toting, free-enterprise fanatic who thinks Ronald Reagan was one of America's greatest presidents and who, unfortunately, voted for Bush in 2000. We MUST get Bush out or else we will lose everything that made America worth fighting and dying for.

If you want to return to the dark ages and live in a fundamentalist theocracy, vote for Bush. If you want to live in a free country where you have the right to pursue your own happiness, do NOT vote for Bush. It's as simple as that.

Here's some scary news from the New York Times:
June 3, 2004

Bush Campaign Seeks Help From Thousands of Congregations


The Bush campaign is seeking to enlist thousands of religious congregations around the country in distributing campaign information and registering voters, according to an e-mail message sent to many members of the clergy and others in Pennsylvania.

Liberal groups charged that the effort invited violations of the separation of church and state and jeopardized the tax-exempt status of churches that cooperated. Some socially conservative church leaders also said they would advise pastors against participating in such a partisan effort.

But Steve Schmidt, a spokesman for the Bush administration, said "people of faith have as much right to participate in the political process as any other community" and that the e-mail message was about "building the most sophisticated grass-roots presidential campaign in the country's history."


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