Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Enough Standing to Pay Child Support, Not Enough to Protect Child

The Supreme Court dismissed the Pledge of Allegiance case today on grounds that Mike Newdow doesn't have standing to raise the case.

Apparently, an unmarried father can have enough standing to be ordered to pay child support yet, at the same time, not enough standing to sue to protect his child.

What if Mike Newdow was suing some gangster-rap drug dealers who sold crack to his daughter? Further completing the analogy, what if his daughter WANTS to smoke crack? And what if the mother of the girl is a drug addict who wants her daughter to have access to drugs?

Would the religious right and the vociferous religious nuts on Fox News be so quick to deny Mike Newdow standing to sue?

I don't think so.

Children under 18 don't get to decide what is in their best interest. The fact the little girl wants to say "under god" in the pledge is irrelevant.

The fact the girl's mother desires government-sponsored religion is also irrelevant. Seventy percent of America is christian but that doesn't give them the right to impose their belief on children in a public school. Why doesn't the girl's mother place the girl in a private christian school if she wants the girl to be exposed to religion at school?

Atheists are not asking religious people to give up their religion, just to keep it out of our government. Keeping religion out of our government doesn't hurt christians but mixing religion with government has the potential to hurt everyone - even christians.

Right now, America is 70% christian and the christians are trying to tear down the wall between church and state. But if the tides should shift and large portions of the population should start converting to Islam, those same christians would be the most vocal advocates for a stronger wall between church and state.

Church and state should be separate because religion is NOT based on reason and therefore, in a religious government, disagreements cannot be resolved rationally. In a religious government, disagreements are resolved by one side having more clout, whether that clout is charisma or military might.

There is no reason in religion. Religion is irrational. Religious governments are irrational. Religious government is ruled by whoever has the most power. Religious government leads to mob rule. Religious government leads to tyranny.


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