Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Bush Insults Memory of Reagan

President Reagan was one of the greatest American Presidents of all time. He was elected president during a difficult and challenging period in American history. America was in chaos and decay when Ronald Reagan was elected - horrible economy, low citizen morale, air traffic controllers on strike, hostages in Iran, a botched attempt at rescuing the hostages, a military full of shame and incompetence, and one of the most unpopular presidents of all time - Jimmy Carter. Ronald Reagan fixed everything and saved our country.

But even more importantly, Ronald Reagan respected individual rights. This is why George W. Bush has nothing in common with Ronald Reagan. This is why George W. Bush should stay away from the funeral ceremonies. George W. Bush is the philosophical OPPOSITE of Ronald Reagan. It's disturbing to even hear George W. Bush utter President Reagan's name. He defiles Ronald Reagan everytime he mentions the great communicator.

Ronald Reagan said, "government's job is not to fix the problems, government IS the problem"! Ronald Reagan believed government's role is to protect individual rights, not to legislate religious morality. That's why he supported a strong military and not "faith-based initiatives". That's why he expressed his personal opinion on abortion, giving lip service to the anti-abortion cause yet never actually doing anything to overturn Roe-vs-Wade. Ronald Reagan would NEVER have presumed to impose his religious beliefs on American citizens at the urging of a "higher father", as George W. Bush is doing today.

Ronald Reagan believed in the American Constitution and individual rights and would have a heart attack if he saw what George W. Bush is trying to do to our country:
  • Tax dollars going to "faith based initiatives".
  • Religious schools promoted at the expense of public education through devious tactics like "no child left behind" which is funded just enough to give the impression of fostering education but not funded enough to actually work. End result and true motivation - school vouchers to support religious schools at the expense of public education.
  • Americans snatched up and placed in jail indefinitely without charges or access to a lawyer.
  • Stem-cell and genetic research outlawed based on vague, undefined religious ideology.
  • Pre-emptive VOLUNTARY wars based on lies and deception draining military resources away from the true problem areas.
  • Shutting down newspapers in a country we occupied voluntarily.
  • Torturing prisoners in a country we occupied voluntarily.
  • Ridiculing our courts and judges with dirty smear-tactic labels like "judicial activists" when they do their job of protecting and upholding our Constitution.
  • Recruiting church congregations to actively participate in re-electing the current Republican regime.
  • Passing special laws so that churches can violate the conditions of their tax-exempt status 3 times without fear of penalty.
George W. Bush, PLEASE stay away from the funeral for Ronald Reagan and don't EVER presume to mention the name of Ronald Reagan again!

Given the current state of chaos and incompetence in our government, I sure wish we had someone like Ronald Reagan to come and save us again.


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