Thursday, May 13, 2004

Secret Surveillance now Surpasses Standard Surveillance

The Patriot Act was supposedly to protect us from true terrorists. I predict, if George Bush wins the election, soon we'll be hearing about porn sites being shut down using the Patriot Act. Gays and abortion rights activist and others that don't fit George Bush's image of a proper christian will find themselves the target of secret surveillance.

George Bush and his christian crusaders are trying to convert America into a "christian Taliban". If they succeed, then we will have lost everything that made America worth fighting for.

Article in EPIC.
The 2003 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Annual Report reveals that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court granted 1724 applications for secret surveillance last year, more than in any previous year. The report shows that 2003 was the first year ever that more secret surveillance warrants were granted than federal wiretap warrants, which are issued only under a more stringent legal standard. The PATRIOT Act significantly expanded the government's authority to make use of secret surveillance, including in circumstances where part of the investigation is unrelated to an intelligence investigation. The report also reveals that a small number of applications for secret surveillance were denied in 2003 for the first time ever.


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