Friday, May 14, 2004

Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin-Laden?

We have Saddam Hussein but not Osama Bin Laden. Which is more important? We've spent a lot of lives, money, and American credibility capturing Saddam Hussein. Would it have been better to dedicate those soldiers to Afghanistan looking for Osama Bin-Laden and getting that country stabilized and democratized?

Tackling Afghanistan was a reasonable and ethical operation since the Taliban was truly supporting terrorism and Afghanistan was the training ground and operational base for 9/11. World opinion agreed with our attack on Afghanistan. World opinion has always been against the attack on Iraq and we've lost our moral high ground and our credibility.

The answer is obvious. It would have been far better to finish the job in Afghanistan first before attacking Iraq. The mess in Iraq is a collosal mountain of incompetence on the part of this president and his regime.

Before the attack on Iraq, we could say to the world, "America has never pre-emptively attacked another country." We can never say that again.

Before now, we could say to the world, "Americans don't torture or abuse prisoners of war." We can never say that again and expect to be believed.

The christian cowboy George Bush has damaged America's reputation and credibility. George Bush is a bigger threat to America than Saddam Hussein ever was.

Even if Saddam Hussein was supporting terrorism, the most he could do is kill a few people. If George Bush gets elected again he can kill America! George Bush and his ilk are shutting down free speech and cancelling due process. They are rendering the American Constitution obsolete and insignificant, trying to turn America into a christian Taliban ruled by babbling nonsense written centuries ago (christian bible) by superstitious wannabe-important zealots. If George Bush succeeds, all 250 million Americans will lose their country. The world will lose the first true beacon of freedom. George Bush is un-American and he is a much bigger threat to America than all the terrorists in the world combined.

If George Bush turns America into a religious police state, would it still be worth fighting for and dying for America?

Let's remember, all terrorists are religious terrorists! Religion is the source of terrorism.


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