Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Just Say No to the Religious Republicans

Conservatives in America today have hijacked and perverted the philosophy they once stood for and it's time to give them a more accurate label: RELIGIOUS REPUBLICANS.

The label, "conservative", used to mean people who were for individual rights, civil liberties, individual responsibility, lower taxes and smaller, less intrusive government. That's what Ronald Reagan was all about.

Not any more! Now, the only thing that can be said about "conservatives" is they are highly religious and desire to create laws banning abortion and enforcing a "christian" view of family values. Sound familiar? This is the christian version of the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Taliban wanted to enforce muslim values. Conservatives in America want to enforce christian values.

A lot of christians think we are far removed from the Taliban but after the torture of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan and the rhetoric of the Bush regime and John Ashcroft JUSTIFYING torture, how long will it be before our police force and FBI here in America begin applying a little extra "pressure" to suspects? Did you ever think you would hear the top government officials in America justifying torture? That's just one symptom of the systemic disease infecting Washington DC under the Bush regime.

It's time we stop letting them hide behind the once respectable label, conservative, and start calling them what they really are - the RELIGIOUS REPUBLICANS.


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