Thursday, April 22, 2004

Next President Likely to Appoint Two Supreme Court Justices

We must stop Bush from getting elected! The next president is likely to appoint two or more Supreme Court justices. If Bush is elected, here are some things likely to result from his modern christian crusade:
  1. Abortion is likely to be outlawed!
  2. Torture and police abuse might become commonplace.
  3. Unmarried sex might become illegal.
  4. Gay sex might become illegal (Bush said it should be illegal in his 1994 campaign for governor).
  5. Sex toys might become illegal.
  6. We will continue to waste billions of tax dollars fighting the never-ending and never-to-be-won war on drugs while everyone who wants drugs continues to have them.
  7. Cloning and genetic and reproductive research will likely become more illegal.
  8. Instead of 7 words you can't say on TV, who knows how many will be illegal.
  9. We might waste money going to Mars.
  10. Pornography might become illegal.
  11. A large portion of our tax dollars will go toward "faith based initiatives" while aid to family planning groups is banned (Bush promotes abstinence over contraception).
  12. The wall between church and state might be destroyed.
  13. We might become a fundamentalist christian country similar in nature to the Taliban.
If Bush is elected, we will go back to McCarthyism. Back to the days when contraception was taboo and in some cases illegal. Back to the days when it was illegal for an unmarried man and woman to live together. Back to the days when the government could stomp all over people's rights with impunity.

This is not just more ranting from another bleeding heart liberal. Quite the opposite. I voted for Bush in 2000. I love guns and even assault rifles. I believe in free-enterprise, not socialism. I'm a Republican Without Religion.

But the Republican Party has been hijacked by religion. The Republican party does NOT stand for smaller, less-intrusive government anymore. The Republican Party doesn't stand for anything anymore other than religion.


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