Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Is Asbestos Dangerous?

I was in Thailand in December of 2003 talking to an architect. There were some roofing tiles lying nearby. They were the same kind of roofing tiles that cover the majority of houses and buildings in Thailand and I was thinking they must work very well and be very inexpensive since they are in such wide use all over Thailand. Curious, I asked the architect what the tiles are made of.

He said, "Asbestos. I know Americans don't like asbestos".

Asbestos litigation has cost America in the hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars because it supposedly causes cancer. With so much asbestos all over Thailand, have any scientists done any research to see if Thai people are having asbestos-related medical issues?

There are a lot of very old Thai people that bounce around with energy and flexibility I seldom see in Americans 30 years younger. I'm pretty skeptical of the claims that asbestos is so dangerous.


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