Friday, April 09, 2004

Consumer Music Purchasing Union (CMPU)

What if every music consumer in America agreed right now to never again buy any music CD priced over $7? The big 5 music cartel would quickly be forced to lower prices to $7 per CD. They would have no other option if they want to stay in business. At $7 per music CD, the artists will still get rich. The music producers will still get rich. File sharing will become less significant. And we'll all have more music to listen to.

The price of music CD's today is ridiculous. It's still at the same level as when CD technology was first invented! A music CD costs around $15 to buy retail. A DVD movie costs around $18. How can the two be nearly the same price? A movie costs hundreds of millions of dollars to create and requires the effort of thousands of people and certainly involves just as much artistic talent as a music CD. There's no way a music CD should cost the same as a movie DVD.

Other than insane marketing, a music CD costs only pennies to create and the artists are compensated only pennies per CD. Where is the rest of the money going? The big 5 music cartel.

Since the music producers have their price-fixing cartel, how about consumers have their own price-spending cartel? The music producers can collude all they want and we consumers can collude all we want and government can stay out of it. Free enterprise - simple, fair, free of coercion and no one's rights are violated.

If we consumers work together, we'll discover we have enormous power and market clout. Let's just do it!

Don't buy a music CD priced over $7!


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