Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Why Separate Religion and Government?

Why is it important to keep religion out of government? The answer is simple, it leads to chaos.

It's impossible to have a reasonable argument as to which religion is "true" since religion is based on faith, not facts, reason, and reality. If you can't even rationally demonstrate which religion is true, how can individual issues possibly be decided in a religious government? Deciding issues in a religious government would boil down to tedious shouting matches - "my religion says this so blah blah blah... No, MY religion is older and it says the opposite so blah blah blah...". When religion creeps into government policy, then you have arguments that are based on superstition rather than reason such as the current debates over cloning and gay marriage. Religion in government leads to irrational nonsense and that is why the founders of our country gave us a non-religious constitution.

Some people have argued that, without religion, we have no basis for our morals and society can't function. The opposite is more true. With religion, there is no RATIONAL basis for morals and society will be dysfunctional. Morals and ethics should be based on objective reasoning. Our court system doesn't allow arguments based on religious superstition and it seems to work quite well. An argument in a court trial has to be based on evidence, facts, and objective reasoning. A murderer doesn't get to say that an invisible, unprovable spirit is really the true murderer. A murderer doesn't go free because he claims god told him to kill the victim. What would happen to our court system if religion became a sanctioned part of the process? It would disintegrate into irrational chaos! That's what will happen to our country if religion becomes a serious part of our government.


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