Saturday, March 20, 2004

The Real Reason we Attacked Iraq

We'll probably never know the true motivation for George Bush attacking Iraq but here are some theories I've heard:
  1. To fix his father's mistake. Bush senior stopped the military advance in the first Gulf war just outside Baghdad which many people consider a huge mistake. Considering America had support from Saudi Arabia and most of the rest of the world during the first gulf war, it would have been nice if Bush senior had finished the job when it was most opportune.

  2. Out of paranoia. Bush junior may have been paranoid that Saddam would want revenge after surviving Bush senior's assault.

  3. To eliminate the biggest threat to Israel. See: comments by Philip Zelikow at the University of Virginia, Sep. 10, 2002. Iraq was the only serious threat to Israel in the region. Perhaps George Bush wanted to get the support and votes of the jewish lobby. Also, many christians believe that Israel is part of the bible's prophecy and this is probably why America sends around 3 Billion American tax dollars to Israel every year, infuriating the Arabs and resulting in the attack on the twin towers.

  4. To gain control of the oil fields in Iraq.

  5. To establish the first democratic Arab nation in the hopes of spreading democracy to other Arab dictatorships and thereby, making the world a more peaceful and rational place.

  6. To make the land of the bible available for christians to visit. Many believe Iraq is the location of the legendary garden of eden and the home of Abraham (said to be the father of christianity and islam), and other bible mythology.
The true reason Bush attacked Iraq likely stems from religion rather than reason. Bush doesn't seem to have any coherent philosophy outside of religious superstition. He appears to be driven only by one simple fervor - religion. Bush is loyal to religion, not to America and not to freedom.


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