Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Freedom of the Press in Iraq?

The Bush regime sent American soldiers to shut down and padlock a newspaper named Al Hawza in Baghdad on Sunday.

This kind of evil stupidity is why I'm now a Democrat after 20 years as a Republican. A libertarian free enterprise kind of Democrat - a Reagan Democrat! President Bush succeeded in converting me, but not the way he planned. He wanted to convert me into a christian. Instead, he converted me into a Democrat.

What else could Bush have done about the lies being printed in Al Hawza? With all the billions of dollars flowing into Iraq, couldn't we have printed flyers and posted them everywhere pointing out that we will honor and protect Iraq's freedom of the press with the proof plainly visible every day in the Al Hawza paper? If we could correct the lies in the Al Hawza paper and publicize the fact that Iraq now has freedom of the press, we could have turned adversity into advantage. The people of Iraq could have learned they have a right to freedom of the press and what it means. We could have shown them and the world that America is on the right side. Instead, by shutting down Al Hawza, Bush has shown that he has more respect for the methods of Saddam than for the American Way.

Clearly, what we have in Iraq is a failure to communicate with the people. Respecting freedom of the press and advertising that fact to all Iraqi's could have been a gigantic step towards improving communication. And the whole world could have seen it.

Bush wants to impose democracy by force yet uses force to shut down freedom of the press. Go figure. Nothing is more distasteful than a person like president Bush who is extremely arrogant and at the same time extremely incompetent.


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