Saturday, February 28, 2004

Perverted Passion - The Greatest Nonsense Ever Told

Christians love the movie Passion precisely because it is so violent and gruesome and portrays pain so graphically. The more Jesus suffered, the more christians can sell their trivial story that Jesus paid a hefty price for humanity's sins. But no matter how well the movie succeeds at making the audience feel the pain, the facts remains that many people have died more painful deaths for lesser causes (picture Mel Gibson getting disemboweled in Braveheart), many INNOCENT people have died more painful deaths at the hands of christians in the name of Jesus, and all those people didn't have the luxury of coming back to life in 3 days!!!

Christians like to say that Jesus sacrificed himself for humanity but where's the sacrifice if he came back to life in 3 days?

What kind of benevolent god would be willing to let an innocent person, let alone his own son, pay a price for someone else's crimes?

The story of Jesus is trivial nonsense, but it did have an impact on humanity. Superstition often has an impact on society but never a good impact. Take, for example, Salem Massachusettes during the witch hunts. If you could travel back in time and ask some poor lady burning at the stake, she would readily agree that religious superstition is having a serious impact on her life at the moment. The Salem Witch hunts were a direct result of religious superstition.

The story of Jesus is not the only trivial story that ever gained a following. Look at the mormons. What could be more silly than a convicted con-man creating his own religion (Joseph Smith - creator of the mormon religion)? Yet mormonism has quite a momentum of followers around the world. I've even spotted a pair of bicycle-riding, proselytizing clowns in the far reaches of northern Thailand!

The truth is, religion is the greatest evil on earth. The key to peace on earth starts with atheism. When people start thinking for themselves and relying on human reasoning instead of mystical superstition, then humanity has a chance to achieve true peace in the world. All the terrorism and suicide bombings we're seeing in the world today comes directly from religious superstition. How would the leaders of suicide bombers justify themselves if you take religion out of the equation? If the world had experienced 1600 years of human reasoning and clear objective thinking instead of religious superstition, would that community of christian clowns in Salem Massachusettes have been able to perpetrate their heinous crimes? How would they prove someone to be a witch if they had to use objective science instead of unprovable religious dogma? Would the inquisitions that tortured and killed thousands of innocent people have occurred? Clearly, if religion is removed from the equation, there are not many excuses for acts of violence and evil against our fellow man.


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