Saturday, January 31, 2004

Republicans Without Religion

It's time for a new kind of Republican. Republicans Without Religion!

There is an old saying, "Republicans let you keep your money but control your life. Democrats take your money but let you run your own life."

The only clear agenda of republicans these days is religious smut peddling.

Republicans used to be about free enterprise and smaller, less intrusive government. Not anymore. Republicans don't seem to care about anything other than converting all Americans into christians and weaving religion into the fabric of American government.

Thanks to George W. Bush, our government is spending more money now than Bill Clinton would have ever dared and he's adding to the size and influence of goverment on a daily basis. I'm a total fan of free enterprise. I hate socialism yet this November, 2004, I will have to vote for a Democrat because there's nothing more dangerous to America than religious zealots. It was religious fanaticism that brought down the twin towers and it can bring down America if we don't stop it. I'm much more afraid of religious wackos in Washington than all the terrorists in the world.

America was the first country in the world NOT integrated with religion.  America grew strong because of separation of state and superstition and because of individual rights and free enterprise. The constitution of America does not mention god even once and the first sentence of the first amendment says that "congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion". Our founding fathers were geniuses. Even though the founding fathers were somewhat religious themselves, they recognized that government needs to be based on human reasoning rather than religious superstition. The republicans in our government today are trying to attack and destroy the traditional wall between government and superstition established by our founding fathers.

The Republicans are out of control but the Democrats with their socialist/communist tendencies are not the answer. It's time for a new kind of Republican. Republicans Without Religion!